Quick mapping by text

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Quick mapping by text


Invoking external services from Bizagi is easily configured by using the WS Connector.

This connector provides graphical mapping configuration so that you easily configure input and output parameters for the integration points in processes.



Integration points in processes are most frequently configured through Asynchronous Activities to invoke Web or REST services.

To view more information about configuring these integration points so that they are executed asynchronously, refer to Asynchronous Activities.


For scenarios in which mapping inputs or outputs via graphical features may not be as legible or as usable due to a large amount of data to map, you may rely on the Quick map option instead.

The Quick map option allows you to input by text, the name of left-hand side data which will be mapped to right-hand side data.

You may use this feature to complement or modify your current input or output mapping, to define the mapping from scratch if it is most efficient in your scenario, or to simply review which information is mapped.


For this option, you use the Web services connector but open up the Quick map window by clicking on this icon:




Using the quick mapping -by text

When activating the Quick mapping feature, notice its window will display any mapping you may already have configured.

In addition to editing such content, you may add new lines to specify new mapping between data inputs or outputs.


To do so, type first on the new line, the name of the source data (which should belong to the structure depicted to the left side), and add a space to then include the name of the destination data (which should belong to the structure depicted to the right side).

The expected format should follow:

[source_data] [destination_data]


Notice you may rely on IntelliSense features which assist you with the exact naming and possibilities of your mapping:





Temporary Attributes are not supported for Quick mapping by text. You can use the attributes from the entities available on the mapping data model.