Sending and receiving information

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Sending and receiving information

When invoking external services from Bizagi, by relying on the WS Connector you may easily your input or output parameters.


Un-mapped information

It is strongly recommended that you map all the information relevant to the shown parameters of your web service (especially those published as input parameters), otherwise default values for those parameters left un-mapped may not suit your external service's expectations.


Default values for un-mapped parameters will be sent by Bizagi as NULL values by the WS connector.


There is an exception to this rule, that applies only when processes run in a .NET platform which is:

If a parameter is defined as non nullable (nullable=false), then the .NET framework will assign a default value for that specific data type.

In the case of primitive data types such as boolean or integers, the default values provided by the .NET framework are false and zero respectively.


Mapped information

The graphical mapping of the WS Connector allows you to easily manipulate certain types of information.

For more information about this, refer to:

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