Sending and receiving dates

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Sending and receiving dates

When invoking external services from Bizagi, by relying on the WS Connector you may easily map datetime (date) attributes as input or output parameters.

Datetime attributes are handled automatically by the graphical mapping feature of the WS Connector, and formatted into standard datetime notation for best practices in XML interoperability.


The default datetime format involved in Bizagi when connecting to external web services is:





Similarly, in web services' responses the underlying framework will format by default a datetime to the YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss format, though it is strongly recommended to make sure that you web service explicitly complies with this best practice and sends out dates in such format.


In case you need to customize or reformat a date, you may rely on the Format date mapping function available in the WS Connector.

For more information about this possibility, refer to Mapping functions.