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Relevant to me


The Relevant to me section shows the Stakeholder's personal information, along with shortcuts to his/her most-frequently launched processes.

It may also present a set of processes suggested smartly by Bizagi according to the context of the logged-in Stakeholder.




This section is part of the personalized Me menu, which is described at Me.


Relevant processes

In this section, the first part has the picture of the user shown along with the Stakeholders that user is related to.

The second part contains shortcuts to launch the most commonly used processes or those as defined in design to be suggested in a specific context.

Note that different contexts group the relevant processes.


The image shown below illustrates that:

MelissaP is and end user configured as a Patient Stakeholder.

Relevant processes are grouped into 2 contexts: Shortcuts and Weight control program.




Notice that whenever a process is clicked, then the Stakeholder will start a new case for it.

The image shown below illustrates how clicking Schedule Pregnancy checkup, directly creates a new case and displays the first form to be filled out for that process: