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Performers is the fifth step of the Process automation Wizard where you can define the work allocation for each Activity of your Process. Performers are the users that have the qualities to be assigned to activities. Each Task created for end user interaction requires definition that will allow Bizagi to allocate the correct users within your organization. Bizagi automatically evaluates the allocation rules defined for each Task and selects one or more users that meet the given conditions from the user's list. Only these users will have access to work on the Activity allocated to them.




Assigning performers

To allocate performers, it is necessary to have a user account created for everyone that intends to work with Bizagi.  It is important that each user account must be set up correctly to make sure Bizagi selects appropriately.

Take into account that if no allocation rule has been defined for a task it will be executed by the user who performed the last task.


You can configure this powerful feature based on different criteria like positions, geographical location, skills, roles, among others. Bizagi balances workload among available human resources to further increase productivity. You may also define other distribution methods to suit your particular needs.




In the Process Wizard, when you click on the Performers option, the Process flow will be opened.


The different Activities that are available for allocation will be highlighted. The shapes where the performers have not been defined have an exclamation mark.

Only Activities and Events that interact with end users will be available to be allocated. This means that automatic Activities like Script Tasks, Gateways or End Events cannot be selected to define allocation rules.

Allocations must be defined separately for each Activity and Event .





This step allows you to set the performer for each process' activity, to set the users, roles or positions that can create a case, refer to Security for Work Portal menus.