Installing Widgets

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Installing Widgets


In projects which require custom UI and more sophisticated controls, you may install Widgets.

For more information about Widgets, refer to Customizing the user interface.


Installing a Widget in a Bizagi project can be carried out in two different ways:

1. By using the options of the Widget Xchange

This option is used from the forms designer, and it is useful to specifically install Widgets available in the Widget Xchange.


For more information about this option, refer to Widget Xchange.


2. Manually, by registering it in the Widgets library found in Bizagi Studio

For this option, you need to have the .bwg file representing the Widget itself (either this file being created by you, or from a downloaded Widget from the Widget Xchange).

This option is used from Bizagi Studio where you see the library of all Widgets used in that project, by registering the .bwg file.


For more information about this option, refer to Widgets Management.