VPN alternative for developers in Studio Collaboration

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VPN alternative for developers in Studio Collaboration


Using Studio Collaboration Services you can integrate external systems located on-premises like web services, content managers (ECM), SAP systems, connectors, and others. Some of these integrations require that there is a connection between your Bizagi Studio (desktop application) and the external system. For example, when you are configuring a SOAP web service in Bizagi Studio, it has to reach the service to retrieve the WSDL (descriptor) so it can retrieve the available methods. Another example is when you configure an ECM system. Your Bizagi Studio, in Studio Collaboration services, has to reach the system, so it can retrieve the available folders.


There are team configurations distributed worldwide, where developers not necessarily are within on-premises networks, and therefore, You cannot reach systems when those systems cannot be accessed publicly using Bizagi Studio in your Studio Collaboration service.




Even if you are using the VPN, only the webapps like the Work Portal or Management Console are included in the outbound traffic. However, traffic between developers using Bizagi Studio and the external systems is not included in the VPN. Hence, they cannot configure features that require connection to the system from Bizagi Studio. The features that require a direct connection between Bizagi Studio (desktop application) and a system are:


SOAP web services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

SAP using BAPIs

SAP using Cloud Platform




To solve this, Bizagi offers an additional VPN configuration where developers can reach external systems using a Point-to-Site configuration. This redirects all the traffic through the VPN gateway that is used for the webapps.




This additional configuration has the following characteristics:


VPN Point to Site characteristics

It has not additional cost.

Developers must install a VPN client in their machines.

You need to have the Bizagi VPN Site to Site service previously configured (VPN Site to Site service has an extra cost). See Integration with VPN.

You must request a support ticket to ask for this additional configuration.