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Vocabularies are definitions that obtain or set information to be used in Expressions and Policies. The main advantage of Vocabularies is that their values are easily changed by end users in the Work Portal, allowing flexibility and adaptability to changing business conditions.


The operation of the Policies is based on the definitions of the vocabulary. They are mandatory to create any Policy item.


Vocabulary can be Constant definitions or XPath definitions (values from the data model):




According to the nature of the information stored, Vocabulary is classified in :


Constant definitions: Store values that do not depend on the data model and are directly defined as a constant value.

XPath definitions: Store values that depend on the data model. They are always related to and attribute or function over Entities.


A definition is used either to get a information (from a constant or an XPath) or set information (to an XPath), and can be classified into two types namely.


SET: Receives values as result of Policies actions. A Set Vocabulary is always depicted in blue.

GET: Stores values to be evaluated in Expressions or Policies. A Get Vocabulary is always depicted in green.


When creating a Policy the SET definitions are always related to actions and the GET definitions are related to conditions to be evaluated. In the following sections we will learn how to use these definitions.


Creating Vocabularies

Vocabularies can be created in two ways: from the Processes Module or when creating a Policy.


Creating Vocabularies from the Processes Module

1. Go to the Processes Module in the Expert View.

Select the Process where the Vocabulary will be created.

Then, select Vocabulary within Business Rules and right-click the type of Definition you wish to create. Click New definition.




A wizard will launch to configure the new Definition.


Creating Vocabularies when creating a Policy

1. Open or create a Policy rule, a Decision table, a Rule group or a Precondition.  




2. In any of Policy items you will find access to the Vocabulary on the left panel.




3. Right-click on the type of Definition you wish to create and then click New Definition.




A wizard will launch to configure the new Definition.


Creating Vocabularies from Expressions

1. From the expression editor click the Vocabulary option.




2. In the new window select New.




3. Select the level in which the vocabulary will be created: Process, application or global.




A wizard will launch to configure the new Definition.