Validate expressions

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Validate expressions


The Syntax and reference validation option helps you review your rule, validate the element's references and inform of inconsistencies, errors and warnings.

Elements presented in the rule are highlighted according to their severity: red for errors, yellow for warnings and green for general information. Additionally, the table in the bottom of the screen shows details about the elements. When you click an element in this table, your cursor is placed in the line of such element.




The references checked by the validation are:







Library families

Library rules


Declared variables. Variables can be declared in any of the elements of the same business rule.

Component libraries

Bizagi functions in variables such as ToString(), PadLeft(), Replace(), and ToUpper().


Syntax errors are also checked, when one of them is found, no other validations are made. The table shows the error and what is expected.





The number of parameter of library rules is not taken into account when a validations is performed


Bizagi also runs an automatic validation when you finish editing an expression. When you click OK to close the expression and you have some type of coding error, a window appears warning you that there are errors in the expression. You can choose to not continue, to go back to the expression and fix the errors.




A message is displayed when you validate your expression and this does not have any errors or warnings.