Validate all the rules of a project

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Validate all the rules of a project


Bizagi offers a feature to validate rules' syntax and references. This validation can be executed individually for each rule. However, you can execute these validations massively for all the rules of the project.


How to validate all the rules

In Bizagi Studio, open the Tools tab, and select Validate Rules.




Depending on the project, this procedure can take several minutes. Therefore Bizagi shows a confirmation message.




After validating all rules, Bizagi generates a report in a CSV file located in your traces file. This is located by default in the following folder: C:/Bizagi/Trace. Bizagi displays a message with the file name.





The report contains the following columns:

Rule Id: Identification number of the rule.

Display name: Display name of the rule.

Name: Name of the rule.

Parent Type: Type of element containing the rule, for example a process.

Parent Id: Internal GUID of the element containing the rule, for example a process.

Process Version: If the rule is contained in a process, it displays the process version.

Line: Line of the code from the rule that generated a warning or error.

Result type: Type of inconsistency Error or Warning.

Reference type:

Code: Code that generated the error.

Message: Warning or Error message.


All the rules that are generating an inconsistency are listed in the report.


For further information about the type of validations consult Validate Expressions.