Using Rich Text Format

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Using Rich Text Format


While documenting your processes, you may use rich format for the entered text in both descriptions and extended documentation.

This is, the possibility of having your texts use different font colors, color shading, and styles such as: bold, italic, underlined, as well as other formatting possibilities such as: indentation and bullets, use of tables, links and images, amongst others.


This applies for the information contained in descriptions and extended attributes such as Textareas and Textboxes.


Rich format in descriptions

To define rich text formatting for your elements descriptions, use the Expand icon located at the right hand.




This option will open an edition-mode window, in which you may make full use of the rich formatting options:




Rich format in extended documentation

To define rich text formatting for your detail in extended attributes (Textareas, Textboxes), use the Expand icon.

This icon appears right above the information, when hovering over the extended attribute name.




When clicking on this option, Bizagi will show an edition-mode window, in which you may make full use of the rich formatting options:




Rich formatting

You may include rich text format to your documentation using the following options:



Home / Clipboard

Handle content by using standard clipboard possibilities: Copy, Cut, Paste and Paste special

Home / Font

Modify: fonts, font size, emphasis (bold, italic,underlined, strikethrough, etc) and other formatting options such as upper or lower case, and shading color.

Home / Paragraph

Define: alignment, indentation, bullets and numbering, spacing and color fill options.

Home / Editing

Use: Find and replace options to quickly locate your texts.

Insert / Illustrations

Include pictures.

Insert / Links

Include hyperlinks to Web pages, or to other places in the content.

Insert / Symbol

Include symbols from the standard set of characters.

Layout / Table

Allows: creating a table with the desired number of rows and columns, giving quick format, borders and shading to the table, and its rows and columns.

Layout / Rows and columns

Handle table modifications by inserting or deleting rows and columns.

Layout / Merge

Quickly use powerful options to merge or split cells, or split a table into two of them.

Layout / Cell size

Define the cell size and property for specific cells.

Layout / Alignment

Define alignment and margins involved in cells.


Information with rich text format is published in the generated PDF or Word document:




Information with rich text format published in Web:




Information with rich text format shown in Presentation mode:




For more information about the generated Web, PDF or Word, and Web documentation, refer to Generating Documentation.