Using the IIS SMTP as a relay

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Using the IIS SMTP as a relay


If you have a corporate SMTP server or an Internet Service Email provider like Gmail or Office 365, you can set the IIS as a relay to redirect notifications.

You need to follow these steps:


1. Change Outbound port

Open the SMTP properties right clicking the SMTP server in the IIS manager.




Select the Delivery tab, click Outbound connections, and change the TCP port:




2. Configure the Smart Host

In the same Delivery tab, click Advanced, and set the Smart Host using the Exchange mailbox of your email provider, for example




3. Configure the account

Then click Outbound security, and set in the Basic authentication options the credentials of the account used to send the notifications, and activate the TLS encryption.




This must be the same account you set in the Bizagi environment configuration:




4. Relay restrictions

Make sure that there are no restrictions with the IP address of your email provider, like Office 365. To check that, go to the access tab of the SMTP server, and open the relay restrictions options:




5. Configure the domain

Right click the domain used, and set the Route domain forwarding to the same Smart Host than the Exchange mailbox of your Email provider:




Then click Outbound Security, and define the same account set in the SMTP server configuration: