User Log

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User Log


Bizagi allows users who have administrator profiles to trace the actions configured for other users in the tabs Organization and User Configuration of the User Properties menu.



Only users with administrator profiles can access the log.

Records on the log cannot be deleted.

Records are paginated.

User Logs also record changes made through SOA Layer methods.


How to review a user log

1. Suppose that you want to view the log of a user named Jim Burns whose user name is Jimb.


Select the Admin option on the top right of the Work Portal ribbon and then the Users option.




On the User Properties menu search the user and select log.




The user log window appears.




It presents a non editable table that contains the user administration changes traceability. It shows the following information:





Graphically indicates the type of action performed on the user. It can be either: addition, edition or deletion.


Shows the name of the administrator who performs the action on the user properties configuration.


Shows the name of the item added, edited or deleted in the organization and/or user configuration tabs of the User Properties menu.


Shows the item that was  selected on the property field


Shows the date when the user property is added, edited or modified.