Unattended bots

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Unattended bots


Unattended bots are intended for complex and highly repetitive tasks, which do not need human interaction to start the automation. These bots run on any machine that is capable of completing the task and hence, are managed through the orchestrator. Through the UiPath integration, you can trigger the execution of a bot at a specific step of a process to complete a task which would take less time than doing it manually.





Since the release of the new Community Edition Cloud Orchestrator, standard API authentication with this system is not available.  As such, we only support connections with Orchestrators that are not on a Community Edition license or that were created before the cloud migration.



How to configure an unattended bot in Bizagi Studio

You can configure the execution of an unattended bot directly in Bizagi Studio. To configure an unattended robot in Bizagi Studio, complete the following steps:

Configure a connection with the UiPath Orchestrator in Bizagi Studio

Add a UiPath Process to the configured connection in Bizagi Studio

Configure the execution of the bot in your process


Also, see what to do to configure a queue using unattended bots.