UiPath bot integration

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UiPath bot integration


To offer a well rounded approach to cutting edge technologies, Bizagi features its RPA integration capabilities with UiPath.

UiPath is one of the leading vendors of RPA of the market. They count with a robot development environment called UiPath Studio, and an online community where users from all over the world can upload their work and explore ideas of other members of the UiPath community.


An RPA robot can be programmed to perform pretty much any task a person is able to do in a GUI, especially those that require consulting multiple information systems, or repetitive operations. With the UiPath integration, you can trigger the execution of a bot at a specific step of a process and input the parameters it needs for a successful execution. After that, you just have to wait for the bot to finish executing its task, which probably would take much less time than a person doing it manually. For additional information on RPA and its possibilities, refer to Bots.


UiPath has different types of robots. However, bear in mind that you can only configure two types of robots in Bizagi Studio:

Unattended bots: bots intended for complex and highly repetitive tasks, which do not need human interaction to start the automation. These bots run on machines managed through an orchestrator.

Attended bots: bots intended for simple, but repetitive tasks. These bots act like personal assistants for users that need to perform specific day-to-day tasks. They need human assistance for starting their jobs and are executed in the user's workstation.





When integrating an RPA bot with a Bizagi Project, Bizagi is only responsible for triggering the execution of the sequence of actions that the bot is programmed to do. Any error during the execution of the bot, any miscalculation or problem with the logical sequence of steps that the bot takes, is a consequence of what the developer of the bot programmed it to do.