User Timezone

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User Timezone


Bizagi allows the use of different timezones in every project. All dates and times are automatically translated from one timezone to another as long as each user has their individual timezone correctly configured for their workplace location. This way worldwide work is possible without losing precision nor saving/considering different dates and times.


User time zone

You can define the Server time zone. Based on this, Bizagi calculates the user's time zone differences. See Time zone configuration.




When setting the Server Time Zone as default, Bizagi considers the database server configuration. For example, if your windows server is set with a GTM  -5, the Bizagi server timezone takes the same timezone.


Keep in mind that all users have their timezone as a user preference. When a user enters a date or a date-time the Bizagi server converts such date to its server's timezone and always saves it that timezone (not in the timezone that it was entered). However, Bizagi will always present dates considering each user's timezone, so the user who entered the date will always see it just as it was set.


Hence, when a second user in another timezone requests the data, Bizagi converts the date and displays it according to this second user's timezone. This behavior ensures the integrity of the data related to dates and times.







As an example, consider a user called John located in Vancouver (Canada) entering a rendezvous date for his peer Julia in Frankfurt (Germany). The server is located in New Delhi:


The meeting is for the 12/23/2016 at 19:00 (local time in Germany). Since the dates and times must be registered as local time, John must convert the meeting date to his local time so Julia can see the real date for her. He introduces the following meeting time: 12/23/2016 at 10:00

The server transforms and saves the date introduced as 12/23/2016 at 23:30 (India time)

When Julia looks for the meeting time, the server automatically shows it transformed to her timezone (Frankfurt), showing the meeting for the 12/23/16 at 19:00