System infrastructure

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System infrastructure


Bizagi's system architecture considers three default environments for your project:

Development environment: The authoring environment where the implementation phase is carried out.

Production environment: The final operating environment.

Testing environment: Used for user acceptance tests.


Development environment

The authoring environment in Bizagi is called the Development environment. In this environment, Bizagi Studio is used for the project's construction and implementation.

Bizagi can be set up so that team work (project collaboration) is supported in this environment.




Note you do not necessarily need to start with the above setup.

You may start with the implementation phase on a local environment and then scale the solution to a centralized environment, in an incremental way.


Production environment

The Production environment in Bizagi supports clusters.

In this environment you use Automation Server to deploy your project considering the following tiers:




Data Access Layer.

The Data Access layer contains the Database Server, and can be set up with fail-over nodes (fault tolerance mechanism).

Supported database engines for Bizagi projects are: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Fault tolerance mechanisms are supported both in passive-active or active-active configurations (i.e, set through Oracle RAC for Oracle databases).


Digital process Layer

The Digital process layer contains the Automation Server, and can be set up as a cluster with any additional number of nodes (for load balancing capabilities).

You may involve any load balancer of your choice (Bizagi does not provide the load balancer per sé).

Bizagi supports execution in a .NET platform.

When your processes are executed in a .NET platform, a Windows environment is used having Internet Information Services (IIS).


Additional option

An additional server (optional configuration) can be set up to publish your Bizagi Processes available for internet access.

In this set up, the Automation Server would remain in the intranet and a reverse proxy server would be used in a DMZ to redirect access from internet in a secure manner.


Note that Bizagi Work Portal can be accessed through different mobile devices having either iOS (such as iPad, iPhone) or Android.




Testing environment

In this environment you use Automation Server and carry out user acceptance tests.

It is recommended that the testing environment is set up as similarly as possible to your production environment.

However, you may consider too a simplified testing environment according to the requirements of your specific project.