Subscription and project structure

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Subscription and project structure


A Studio Collaboration Services subscription offers you full access to different portals and applications for the development environment’s usage and administration.  The structure of the subscription can be divided into three main components:

Studio Collaboration Services subscription: gives access to the subscription owner and invited users to all the Studio Collaboration Services infrastructure. 

Development environment: set of computing assets provisioned in the cloud and managed by Bizagi.

Bizagi Project: repository of processes automated in the development environment.



Users can access each of the portals or resources depending on their role


Studio Collaboration Services Package

Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services offers a purchasing package that entitles you to use a Studio Collaboration Services subscription. The first time you purchase a package, it contains the following elements:





You can purchase more packages associated with the same Studio Collaboration Services subscription.  If you purchase a second package you can choose between adding five additional users or getting an additional cloud-based environment.

To learn more about the subscription structure and the Studio Collaboration Services packages, follow this link.


Next steps

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