Obtaining stakeholder information through rules

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Obtaining stakeholder information through rules


For sophisticated scenarios in which you want to handle and map additional information of the currently logged user, into the processes or overall data model, you may rely on new methods provided by the Bizagi rules API.

These new methods integrate the currently logged user with its stakeholder information.


Considerations and further detail

Consider that one user can belong to one or more stakeholders at the same time, or none at all.

Therefore, and through the methods provided by Bizagi rules API, you will be able to create expressions that for instance allow you to:

Obtain the information related to his/her stakeholder configuration (a reference to the stakeholder instance), by parting from the user's Id and while specifying the type of stakeholder you want to fetch information from.

Obtain all the stakeholders which are mapped to the current user.

Obtain all the users (an array list) who are mapped/belong to a given stakeholder.


Recall that you will be able to test such rules and verify information once you have created your stakeholders and users in the Work Portal.


For detailed information and examples on these new methods, refer to Obtain Stakeholder information through rule.