Sharing processes between projects

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Sharing processes between projects


During process automation, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to share your processes with other Studio users. Bizagi helps you share your processes along with their business rules, parametric values, forms and other settings, with the options available in the Import/Export menu, in your development environment.


Export/Import menu with all the avaiable options: Deploy process, microdeployment, share processes and import from process modeler, import process and import from the Process Xchange



What you need to do

To share your processes, you need to follow these steps.

1.Export the processes in a .btex file.

2.Import the .btex file contents to your project.


Exporting processes to share

Once your processes are ready to share, head to the Export/Import menu and select the Share Processes option.


Bizagi Studio with the menu Export/Import and the Share process option highlighted


A window appears where you can select the processes with the respective version that you want to share. Select the processes you want to share.


Export window with a process selected and the Export button highlighted


In the Experience tab, you can select the experience components you want to include in the the .btex file.




To add an optional description, click Description and type in a brief description for the shared package.


Export process description field


Once finished, click Export to generate the .btex file. If you selected the add password option AddPassword, a window will appear asking for the password to be assigned to the package, it must comply with the mentioned conditions.

When a package with a password is generated, it is encrypted.




Select a name and location for the generated file.




When the export finishes, a window appears showing that the procedure was successful.


Export finished successfully window


You can check the contents of the exported package by clicking View Package. Another window appears where you can navigate the contents.


Window with a list of all the exported contents

To finish, close all the windows.

You can now share your processes through the .btex file you've just created.


Importing the shared processes

When you receive the shared package file, head to the Export/Import menu and select the Processes option under the Import category.


Bizagi Studio with the menu Export/Import and the import process option highlighted


A window appears with the import wizard. Click the Browse button to navigate to the shared .btex file.


Import widow


Select the package you want to import and click Open.




If the .btex file was generated with a password, a window will appear requesting it.




With this, all the process information is displayed on the window.




You can view the objects you are importing by clicking View process object to import. A window appears with all the objects inside the file.




Additionally, you can view the package description when you click View description. A window appears with the package's description.




After you've checked the package's information, click Apply package to import it. Once Bizagi is done importing, a message appears informing so.




To finish, close all windows.

After this, the shared processes are part of your project.