Advanced settings

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Advanced settings

Refer to the chapters in this section to configure advanced settings of your Bizagi project on the top tabs of Bizagi Studio:



Manage widgets

Manage connectors

Upload custom components

Debug rules using the Dynamic Rules Tracer

Validate all the rules of a project

Remove unused objects



Environment configurations.

Set a proxy for your environments

Business settings such as: default localization language, default format for dates and decimals, etc.

How to enable traces to debug your business rules or integration tasks with other systems.

What web server to use in your development environment (IIS or IIS Express).

Expose entities to be used in Live Processes

Define and use sequences

Customize case numbering

Open the Sites Editor

Define mobile devices for customized forms


Export / Import

How to deploy a package from your Development environment

How to perform a microdeployment

How to share a process with other Bizagi users

How to import a process model from a BPMN file

How to import a process from the Process Xchange

How to export the metadata of a project for support


Cloud Services

From on-premises to Studio Collaboration Services


Expert view

Your company structure and the process per business units.