Quick prototyping

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Quick prototyping


Within the development environment, Bizagi Studio users may do quick prototyping and launch the bundled Work Portal which reflects how processes will be exactly shown in other environments such as testing or production.

This option is especially useful to test and validate what has been modeled and built so far.


To launch the Work Portal click the Run button in Bizagi Studio's Home Tab or in the seventh step of the Process Wizard:





Bear in mind that when you run a project for the first time, Bizagi Studio displays a message remembering you to set HTTPS in your project. To configure this protocol, follow the instructions described in Setting HTTPS in your projects from Bizagi Studio.



When launching the Work Portal for a second time, after doing major changes in your processes, you should still use the Run option instead of refreshing the browser.

Through the Run option, Bizagi cleans information stored at its optimization cache, and this is useful to make sure that your changes are taken, especially when such changes involve:

Process model redefinitions or new elements.

Data model changes.

Business rules changes or changes regarding integration with other systems.


Work Portal in development and testing environments

Recall that a full description about the Work Portal, just as production end users access it, is described at Work Portal.

However, for quick prototyping purposes and for the development environment, consider the following aspects:


1. By default, your project starts with a single user created, which is the domain\admon system user (having a blank password).

Parting from this user, you may create additional ones through options in the Work Portal.

For more information on how to create users, refer to Users administration.


2. When having only the domain\admon user, the Work Portal automatically logs you in.

This is a behavior enabled only in the development and testing environment to help you accelerate your tests.


3. The domain\admon user is by default set to skip/ignore assignment rules, in order to offer you the possibility to perform quick tests, aimed at validating the logic behind and flow of the processes without involving different performers.

The property that makes this possible is also eligible for other users as well, though it is only an option for the development environment (as described at Skip allocation rules).


4. You may enable the Quick login option, so that can log in to the Work Portal without having to input passwords.

This option is only available for development and testing environments, and it is especially useful to test assignment rules for tasks and when needing to switch performers frequently.