Classifying relevant processes

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Classifying relevant processes


Once you have configured one or more Actions to be relevant for a stakeholder under a particular context, as described at Relevant to me, you may choose to classify how these are displayed at the Work portal.




Classifying relevant processes

In order to define new groups in which relevant actions are classified, go into the Expert view and click Entities.

Locate the stakeholder entity and its context in which relevant actions apply.


Locate an action under the Relevant item, and right-click it to select Edit suggested:




You may edit its configuration, and make sure you define Classified in from the drop-down list or click Create classification to define a new one:




Save the classification and click OK.

Notice you will be able to feature many relevant actions to stakeholders, and have them each grouped into classifications:




Relevant processes icon

Additionally, you may select the icon that represents each relevant process, by configuring it through the Expert view in the Processes definition.

To do this, right-click the Process and select Work portal icon to explicitly select a different icon:




In the Work portal you will see the Relevant to me section classify the featured processes and use the defined icons: