Setting HTTPS in your projects from Bizagi Studio

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Setting HTTPS in your projects from Bizagi Studio


Browsers have strengthened the security policies and require that web applications opened use secure protocols like HTTPS. To comply with this requirement, you can create and configure from Bizagi Studio a self-signed certificate for your projects, allowing Studio to open the Work Portal and Sites websites using the HTTPS protocol. This article explains how to set a single self-signed certificate for your different projects.



You must have Administrator permissions in order to create certificates and assign bindings.

When configuring the HTTPS protocol from the project's web server, you must verify if there is already a self-signed certificate. If there is one, use it. Otherwise, create a Bizagi self-signed certificate.

If you select a binding, the Work Portal and Sites URL configuration must be based on it.

If you want to use a certificate different from the one generated by Bizagi, you must guarantee its validity.

If you connect to the Work Portal or Sites from a remote machine using the Bizagi self-signed certificate, you must install the certificate from the browser when loading the page or through the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.


First time run

When you run a project for the first time without having set the HTTPS protocol, Bizagi Studio displays a message suggesting you to review the web server configuration to run the Work Portal with a secure connection. If you do not want to modify the web server configuration, you can still run your project by clicking the Run button. However, the project opens in your predefined web browser using the HTTP protocol, and its subject to the restrictions defined by the browser for this protocol.



Bear in mind that the browser behavior is modified when using the HTTP protocol, generating inconveniences when working on forms and related functionalities such as user administration or user preferences. Therefore, it is recommended to always configure the HTTPS protocol in your projects.







If you do not want Bizagi Studio to display the Web Server Configuration message each time you decide to run your project without configuring the HTTPS protocol, you can mark the Don't show again checkbox. Your project keeps running using the HTTP protocol until you configure the HTTPS protocol following the instructions of the corresponding configuration scenario.




You can also edit the Web Server Configuration and set the HTTPS protocol for your project from this message. To do so, click the Configure the web server button.




You are directed to the Web Server Configuration menu. After reviewing the Web Server Configuration scenarios, select or create a self-signed certificate following the instructions described in the corresponding scenario. Then, click the Finish button.




Now each time you run your project, it opens in your predefined web browser using the HTTPS protocol.




What you need to do

To configure your project's web server and set the HTTPS protocol, refer to Web server configuration scenarios.