Advanced topics

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Advanced topics


Once you have defined stakeholders, their contexts, and features for those contexts (actions, My stuff, data searches) through the Experience design, there are additional aspects you may want to configure to customize and adjust the look and feel of these features in the Work portal.

These additional aspects are entirely optional, and their configuration is presented as advanced topics because it is not done from the Experience design, but from the Expert view in Bizagi Studio or other options.



Refer to the child topics below for detailed information on how to enhance the Experience design.


Regarding stakeholders

To learn how to test and verify the Experience design, refer to Classifying end users into stakeholders.

To learn how to customize the form to manage your stakeholder users, refer to Administration forms for stakeholders.

To learn how to define conditions that assign users into stakeholders in batch, refer to Assign stakeholders by conditions.

To learn how to obtain information from the stakeholder in business rules, refer to Obtaining stakeholder information in rules.


Regarding the Me menu

To learn how to customize the information displayed when browsing data, refer to Data templates.

To learn how to arrange the Relevant to me section into groups, refer to Classifying relevant processes.


Regarding My stuff

To learn how to include lists of useful information in My stuff, refer to Creating indirect collections.

To learn how to define filters for the listed information in My stuff, refer to Defining starting filters.

To learn how to allow stakeholders to add new items into their collections, refer to Enabling new items in my stuff.


Regarding data model features

To learn about modeling entities with an inheritance concept (promotes reusability of definitions, and allows for production-environment flexibility), refer to Inheritance in data modeling.

To learn about Polymorphism and how this concept makes the most of an inheritance-based model, refer to Polymorphism and constructors.

To learn about a new powerful concept in Bizagi 11 which runs on the background and allows your processes to react on real-time, refer to Triggers.