Downloading Bizagi Studio

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Downloading Bizagi Studio


You can download Bizagi Studio installer directly from Bizagi's official web site. This section illustrates how to download the latest version of Bizagi Studio for our different users:

Download as a first-time user to test Bizagi Studio

Download Bizagi Studio as a customers or partners.



For new Bizagi Studio users

1. Go to our official page,, locate Platform and go to Studio.




2. On the Studio page click Try Bizagi for free. This will take you to a page that guides you through a journey to start automating with Studio.

The first thing you should do is Create an account.




3. When clicking Create an account, you will be redirected to the page where you create a Bizagi account. If you already have one, click Sign in.


As you finish filling-in your information, you will be taken to the page where you can download Studio.


The version of Studio that is downloaded, is the Portable version, where no administrative rights are needed for the installation.




What's next?

Refer to Installing Portable Edition to learn


For Bizagi customers and partners

1. Go to our official page,, and click Sign in.




2. Sign up or log into Bizagi to access your portal page.

When the accounts service screen appears, provide authorized client or partner credentials.




3. As a customer or partner you will be redirected to the Secure portal.

Go to Downloads, where you will find the latest Bizagi Studio installer.




The download should start automatically.


Once the download finishes, you may verify that it has downloaded adequately and that you are using the official installer, by carrying out the steps described at Verifying the installer.