Create backups in SQL Server

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Create backups in SQL Server


To create a SQL Server backup file of your Bizagi database follow the steps described below.

For doubts on the purpose of a backup, and details on what information is stored at the backup file, refer to How to create a backup of your Bizagi database.



For the following steps, you will need the SQL Server client and configuration tools, mainly the SQL Server Management Studio.

This tool can be included when installing the SQL Server database.

In case that your SQL Server version does not include the SQL Server Management Studio, you may download and install it directly from Microsoft's official web site at no cost.


Creating a database backup

To create a database backup:


1. Login to your SQL Server instance through SQL Server Management Studio.

Make sure you use a login account that has rights to perform a backup.




2. Right-click on the specific database of your Bizagi project and select the Backup... option:




3. Specify that the backup type is set to FULL mode.




Notice that you need to select a valid path to store the resulting backup (.bak) file.

If you do not want to choose the default path, you may browse and select another file directory. If you choose a different location, make sure you have write access.




4.  Click on OK when the backup has executed completely.




The final .bak file contains the backup information.

You may also compress the .bak file into a zip to shrink its size.


To learn how to restore this backup file, refer to SQL Server restore.