Spelling review

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Spelling review


Bizagi offers a proofing option to check for spelling mistakes while documenting the processes.


To use this feature, make sure that the checkbox Spelling mistakes at the View tab is enabled, then locate the Spelling option in the ribbon, at the Home tab.


You may choose a predefined language to be used as the default spelling dictionary directly from its drop-down options:




Available language dictionaries are:

German (Germany)

English (UK)

English (USA)

Spanish (Spain)

French (France)

Italian (Italy)

Dutch (Nederlands).

Portuguese (Brazil)

Russian (Russia)


To launch the spelling review, click directly on the Spelling option




Proofing options are described in the table below.





Ignores the current word and continues proofing the rest of the information.

Add to Dictionary

Adds the current word as a valid word to the given Dictionary. In this way, the spelling review will not prompt again to correct these entries.

Reset Dictionary

Resets the Dictionary (deletes added entries).


Changes the current word for the chosen suggestion.

Change All

Changes all occurrences of the current word for the chosen suggestion.