SMTP with authentication

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SMTP with authentication

There are scenarios where sending a email to the SMTP, as a direct sender, or as a relay, needs authentication to access the SMTP.


If you need to access the SMTP server with authentication you need to set some keys in the Web Config of your Bizagi Work Portal. Open the Web application folder of your project, by default this is located in C:\Bizagi\Projects\MyProject\WebApplication and open the Web config file. Then include the following keys inside the appSettings tag.


<add key="smtpType" value="SMTPAuth" />

<add key="smtpAccount" value="" />

<add key="smtpPassword" value="" />


in the smtpAccount tag value, set the account to access the SMTP server, and in the smtpPassword tag value, include the password of the user having rights to access the SMTP.


If the SMTP uses secure sockets, include also the following:


<add key="smtpEnableSsl" value="true" />



When you configure SMTP with authentication, the configuration set in the field From in E-mail definition Window is overridden.