Using My Cases control

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Using My Cases control

The My Cases control lists all the cases you've worked on no matter their state: completed, canceled or running.




When you click on a case, a window appears with the case form and a description. If the case is closed the case form informs the case's status.


You can search cases by process or by case number using the search bars and filter them by status when you click the Status filter icon.




You can also change how the cases are shown, you can switch between card view and list view using the view buttons.




The control lets you define how the cases are displayed in list view with the Display density option. This option changes the display density without affecting the number of cases per page you have selected.




In the lower section of the control you can navigate through pages and select how many cases per page the control shows.



The following attributes are not supported as custom columns: Activity, Current user - Full name, Current user - location, Current user - username, Expiration Date.

The following attributes are out of scope for this control: Graphic query.

The following attributes are not sortable: Current User Full Name, Current User Location, Current User Username, Id Case, Process GUID, Process Type, Work Flow ID, Has Summary Form, Work Item ID, Task Type ID, Category, Case State.