Create your own theme

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Create your own theme

You can create a theme for your site. When you download your site it will include all the custom themes available in the environment.

There are several ways to add themes to your site. One way is directly from the Sites Dashboard by clicking the three-dot menu and selecting Add themes.




Another way is directly from the Sites Designer, by clicking the New theme button on the Themes option of the Tools menu.




A window appears where you can select your theme's main colors.




Themes consist of the following colors:

The first color applies to the header background, collection titles and the loader, which is the animation that appears when a page is loading.

The second color applies to button backgrounds, forms and input focus.

The third color applies to button background on hover.

The fourth color defines to primary button font color.


After you've given the theme a name and assign the colors, click Accept to save your theme. A message appears confirming the creation of your theme.


The new skin is visible under the Themes option of the Sites Designer Tools menu.




When you select a theme, a check mark appears on the theme.




You can delete your custom themes by clicking the X icon beside the theme name.




A confirmation message appears, if you're sure you want to delete the theme, accept, otherwise cancel the action.



Deleting a theme that is being used may cause issues on the site that uses it. You must be sure no site is using the theme.



Although custom themes are part of a site structure, these are stored outside the project and cannot be added to a backup. Hence, before importing a site's backup, be sure to locate in your system the folder custom_themes and copy it. After successful import, restore the folder manually to keep your custom themes.