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Presents read-only texts in your site. Texts can be fixed (defined in the Sites Editor) or dynamic, resolving the XPath of an existing attribute when the page is contextualized. You can think of text elements as titles, a set of instructions or useful information that users can read but not edit.




Manage content

When you add this control to a regular page, the content will only be static. Use this option to provide the content of the text element.




When the page is contextualized, this option defines whether the content is dynamic or static using the property Context data. When Context data is true, the property Select XPath appears so you can specify the attribute to display.




When Context data is false, the text field appears so you can add the content to the control.



These properties let you customize the Text control. You can return to the default values when you click the Reset button.



Font family: Set the font family for a text element.

Font size (px): Set the size of the text in the navigation panel.

Letter spacing: Increase or decrease the space between characters.

Font color: Set the color of the text displayed in the navigation panel. The default color depends on the theme selected.

Bold: Set whether the text is in bold letters.



Align: Set the text alignment to left, right or center.

Arrange: Set the location of the control in relation to other page contents. You can bring the control to the front, send it to the back, or move it forward or backward one layer.



Background color: Set the background color for the control. The default color depends on the selected theme.