Site Settings

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Site Settings

The Sites Designer Settings menu lets you configure how forms display, your preferences and the display of multilingual sites.




Manage fonts

This option lets you add fonts to your site. For more information refer to Site Font.




Forms visualization

This option lets you personalize how all Bizagi activity forms display on your site.




You can set the form's size and how it will be aligned in the site.

To keep your preferences click Save.



This option lets you customize date, time and number formats.




You can enable it by activating the Do you want to personalize your formats? switch. The options you can configure are:

Date format: Lets you select the format in which dates appear:

oLong Date: Customize long dates: set the order in which the day of the week, day of the month, month and year appear.

oShort Date: Customize short dates: set the order in which the month, day, and year appear and the separator between the date elements.

Time: Select the format for displaying time.

Decimal separator: Define the character to separate whole numbers and decimals.

Thousands separator: Define the character to separate millions, thousands, and numbers below a thousand.

Decimal digits: Define the maximum number of decimal spaces to display.

Negative numbers: Define how negative numbers display.

Currency symbol: Define whether the currency symbol appears before or after the number.


Multilingual sites

This option lets you enable multiple languages so users can choose the language the site uses. When enabling multilingual sites, note that you need to provide the correct text in each language you select for every label and text field. Therefore, you need to perform continuous maintenance as your site grows or changes. 

For more information refer to Multilingual Sites.