Public and private pages

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Public and private pages

You can have public pages in your site, that is, pages that don't require your final user to perform any kind of login action. Public pages show static content and do not show data that requires an authentication from Bizagi. Private pages are only accessible and visible to the allowed stakeholders.


To set a page as public or private follow these steps:

Click the three-dot menu of the page you wish to edit in the Navigation menu and select Page Settings.




Set the page privacy you wish to apply to the page.




When there are controls that require that the stakeholder is logged in, a warning message appears. These controls will stay on your page with a warning message informing that they need to be set up again. Keep in mind that the controls exclusive for private pages, such as Inbox, My Relevants and My Cases, will be deleted from the page.




A confirmation message appears after your page settings have been successfully updated.



Remember that you can setup a login option for your site.