My Cases

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My Cases

This control shows the cases a user has created or worked with.




Design Considerations

This control is only available for private pages. Refer to Public and private pages. It means that is can only be accessible and visible to stakeholders who have log to the site.


If the page is public, Bizagi displays the control unavailable.






Manage content

On the control options, you can select the Manage content menu. This property lets you select the processes for which the stakeholder has cases they participated in.




You can configure two properties:

Processes to show: Select which processes from the cases list do you want to display in the control.

Case state: Select if you want to show the cases with any state, only completed, only canceled or open cases (running).


When you click the Processes to show dropdown, you can see the complete list of selected processes for the control along with the list of the available processes in the project, and a filter for the available processes.




You can edit other configurations related to controls. Refer to Site Controls.