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Header Banner

Add an image to display a banner under the Header.




Manage content

The Header Banner or Hero Image element displays a banner under the Header with a fixed image.




Show hero: Set whether or not the hero image is visible.

Hero space: Define whether the image is expanded to fit the page width, or is contained inside the guide lines.

Image settings: Define the image to use. You can upload an image or use the URL of an image available online. The following formats are supported: .png, .jpg and .jpeg. When you use an image from an URL, it won't be visible as a thumbnail in Sites Dashboard.

Choose a fit: Define how the image appears in the space assigned to it. You can choose keeping the original size, scaling it to fit, or tiling the image.

Image size: Define the image size on your site.

Image position: These controls help you to move your image up, down, left, right or diagonally.

Image opacity (%): Define the transparency of your image.

Background color & opacity: If the image has transparency, this control helps you define the background color and its opacity.


Click Apply  to save your changes and Cancel to discard them.