Add fonts to your site

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Add fonts to your site

You can upload any font to your site. When you download your site it will include all the custom fonts available in the environment.

There are several ways to add fonts to your site. One way is directly from the Sites Dashboard by clicking the three-dot menu and selecting the Manage fonts option.




Another way is directly from Sites Designer, by clicking Settings and then selecting Manage fonts.




When you click any of these options, a pop-up appears where you can upload the fonts you want to add to your site.



Upload your fonts. When you have already uploaded fonts, you can see them listed in the pop-up window. All uploaded fonts are available and ready to use on any of the sites you have on the environment.





Remember that the only compatible font file type for Internet Explorer is .eot. If you know that the end users will access your site through that browser, make sure you upload the .eot font file.


You can also delete uploaded fonts from this window by clicking the trash can icon beside the font name, or by clicking the Remove button after selecting the fonts you wish to delete.




After you confirm you want to remove the font from your Site, the action cannot be undone. You can upload as many fonts as you need.

To use the uploaded fonts, all you need to do is select them on the control settings for Font family. All custom fonts will be listed under My Fonts.





Keep in mind that when you download your site, the output file will include the available custom fonts.



Although custom fonts are part of a site structure, these are stored outside the project and cannot be added to a backup. Hence, before importing a site's backup, be sure to locate in your system the folder custom_fonts and copy it. After successful import, restore the folder manually to keep your custom fonts.


Site default font

Setting up a site default font is a simple task. Select the Preferences option on the Settings menu of the Sites Editor.




A pop-up appears with the site preferences. Locate the Global default font section, and select your default font.