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Presents controls designed to display information from other websites.




Manage content

The Embeds control lets you add an embed site control where you can add HTML, CSS and JS code to the control.




You can also add an HTML iframe control by providing the URL to the control.




If the page is contextualized, you can define whether the content is dynamic or static using the property Context data.




When Context data is turned on, you can create dynamic URLs for these containers. To do this, add your source URL, select the text you want to replace and finally select the XPath you will use as value for the selected text.




You can select different sections of the URL to replace them with different XPath values.



These properties let you customize the control. You can return to the default values when you click the Reset button.



Arrange: Set the location of the control in relation to other page contents. You can bring the control to the front, send it to the back, or move it forward or backward one layer.

Show title: Set whether your control displays a title.

Title: Add a text as control title.

Show update button: Set whether your control has an update button.



Border size: Set the border size of the image in pixels.

Border type: Set the border type for the control.

Border color: Set the border color of the image.



Title text color: Define the font color of the title. The default value is defined by the selected theme.