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Sites Editor


Bizagi offers the Sites Editor, a portal where you can manage and design sites for your stakeholders. This portal includes the Bizagi Sites Dashboard and the Bizagi Sites Designer.


The Sites Dashboard is the main landing page where you manage your sites, offering options to access a site to configure and manage it, create a new site, upload a site or delete an existing one.




The Sites Designer offers all the tools you need to create, edit and publish your sites.




Before you start

Sites uses Bizagi's OData layer to obtain information from collections, searches and cases. Make sure you map your entities to be exposed in the layer. To do this, follow the steps described in setting which business information is returned.


Important considerations

The Sites Designer supports Chinese simplified, Czech, Dutch, English, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. When you access for the first time or refresh the editor, the designer appears in your browser's default language.

The Sites Dashboard and Sites Designer can be accessed through the Google Chrome browser. You can use other Chromium-based browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge) or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported.

In order for a user to access the Sites Editor from Bizagi Studio, you must first go to the Work Portal and configure the Sites Editor role for these users in Users Administration. This also applies for the Admin user, which means you must configure the Sites Editor role even if it is the Admin user profile.


Opening Sites Editor

You can access Bizagi Sites Editor from Bizagi Studio by clicking Editor in the Configuration menu.





If there is a 500.19 error when you're accessing the Sites editor, check this article.



Another way to access this editor is to enter the URL manually, once your Work Portal is accessible through a browser. This is useful for the Test and Production environments.

The URL changes according to the Bizagi Product you own:





Bizagi Studio


Work Portal URL:

Studio Collaboration Services Trial


Environment Creator: mholmes

Proyect name: insurance

Studio Collaboration Services Enterprise


Environment Name: environment1

Company name: agilitycorp

Automation Service


Work Portal URL:


Next steps

Now that you can access Sites Editor, you can:

1.Build your sites

2.Publish your sites