Sites Designer interface explained

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Sites Designer interface explained

The following options are available in the Sites Designer:




1.Dashboard: Returns you to the Sites Dashboard.

2.Navigation: Displays the pages created in your current Bizagi Site sorted hierarchically. Here you can create additional pages, change the order of the pages and edit page settings.

3.Settings: Lets you set your site's settings, such as forms visualization, preferences, fonts and configure Multilingual Sites.

4.Tools: Shows different tools such as start a guided tour or enable the toolbar.

5.Undo: Reverses the last change you made.

6.Redo: Reverses the changes you have undone.

7.Save: Saves your changes.

8.Download Site: Use this option to download the contents of your site to archive a copy, or to upload it into other environments.

9.Publish: Publish the site with a public URL for user access.

10.Toolbar: Provides shortcuts to basic actions such as duplicating, deleting and aligning elements.

11.Bizagi Controls: Lets you add a control to the page.