Building a site

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Building a site


Bizagi Sites is an application which lets you create multiple rich and ready-to-go portals, as described at Bizagi Sites.

To get started, create a site as described in this section.



To use Bizagi Sites, you need:

Configured stakeholders with at least one available context.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser. However, Mozilla Firefox or any other chromium-based browser (i.e. Microsoft Edge) can be used Sites Editor. Internet Explorer is not supported.

A user with the Sites Editor role.



Bizagi Sites uses OData services provided by Bizagi API. Due to service restrictions, Sites only supports process actions.

Sites also employs cookies to manage sessions.


What you need to do

To get started with Bizagi Sites and build your own site, follow these steps:


Create a new site from the Sites Dashboard

Select the stakeholders who will access your site. Then name your site and add it to any folder you wish.


Design your site

Add the different elements you need to your site. Design it as you please.



Create a new site from Sites Dashboard

Head to Sites Dashboard and click Create a new Site to start the Create a Site wizard.




Select the stakeholders who will be able to use the new site.

Bizagi Sites displays a list of available stakeholders in the Work Portal who can have access to your site. Select the stakeholders you want to add to your site and click Next.




Select a folder for your site, if you don't have any folders you can create it from the option above. Simply type the folder name and click Save new folder.

Then, give your site a name.




After naming your site, you can select a template for your site. Choose the template you want and click Next.




Your site summary appears, review the summary. When you need to make changes you can go Back in the wizard.

To create your site click the Create button.




Now you are on the Sites Designer for your site. At this point, you have created your first site and can start defining which elements you will present in its UI.


Design your site

Once you've created your site you can edit it as you please in the Sites Designer. To view the available elements, click the plus icon located to the left.




The Bizagi Controls container appears. Here you can choose elements to add to your site: banners, text, media, buttons, Collections and Experience Elements (directly from Bizagi), figures and embeds from other sites or portals.




To add a control to your site, select the one you want and drag and drop it into your workspace. You can arrange it as you please by clicking and dragging it.


When you are done designing your site, the next step is to test and publish your site.