Sites Dashboard

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Sites Dashboard


The Sites Dashboard is the main landing page to manage your sites, offering options to access a site to configure and manage it, create a new site, upload a site or delete an existing one.




To the upper right you can see your user information. When you click it you can log out or change the Sites Editor's language.


The Dashboard has in two panels:

In the left panel, you can quickly access and manage the most recently updated sites. The right panel lists and organizes in folders all the sites of your project.


Left Panel

The left panel shows your three most recently updated sites within your project. Each site has some management options:





You can find information about the most recently updated site, including its name, the folder where it was saved and links to where you have published it:




Hover the mouse pointer over the site preview to display the Edit Site button. Click the button to open the Sites Designer where you can update the selected site.




When you click the BizagiSites_Dashboard07 icon next to the Site name, the list of the most recently updated sites appears.




Within the list you find the following options:


Create a New Site: Click the button at the top or at the bottom of the list to start the Create a Site wizard. For more information, refer to Building a site.

Edit: This button is available for every site on the list. Click it to open the Sites Designer where you can update that site.


Right Panel

The Right panel lets you organize your sites; search for, create, delete, clone, upload, download a site, change site configurations or access the Sites Designer.




Use the button at the top to start the Create a new Site wizard. For more information, refer to Building a site. You can also use the option in each folder to create a new site within that folder.


When you click a site's icon, the Sites Designer opens so you can update that site.


You can rename a folders. To do so, hover the mouse pointer over the folder name and click the pencil icon.


The right panel displays all the sites of the project, grouped in folders to provide a clean organization. You can organize your folders alphabetically or by creation date. Click the Order by AZ label an select folders to organize them.




You can organize your sites alphabetically, by creation date or recent modification. Click the Order by AZ label an select sites to organize them.




Every site has a set of options which are located inside the three-dot menu.




Clone: Creates a new site with the same configuration, template and design as the original one. To clone the site, you have to provide a new name for the clone, as all sites have unique names.




Edit site configuration: Allows changing the initial configuration of the Site, defining the stakeholders involved. Add (activate) or remove (deactivate) the stakeholders who use the Site. When deactivating stakeholders, take into account that this action affects the visibility of some pages and some data bundles.




When you have finished activating and deactivating stakeholders, click Save.

Download site: allows you to download you site to upload it into another environment. For more information refer to Downloading and uploading sites.

Migrate site: upgrade a site from a previous version to the current version.

Optimize site: remove unused metadata from the site. It is recommended that you use this option before you download the site.

Manage translations: show the translation tool for the site. For more information refer to Manage translations.

Delete: completely deletes a site. This action removes any Publishing performed and cannot be undone.