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Collection controls can display several items in a range of layouts. They can display fixed content, that does not change over time, and dynamic content when connected to Bizagi Data such as collections, cases and searches.




The available controls are:

Item description: Show contents on cards with up to ten fields. Including one for an image.

Image gallery: Show images with titles.

Image carousel: Show images with titles as if they were in a circular tray of slides.

List view: Show contents on cards with up to four fields. Including one for the image.

Card link: Show contents on cards with up to three fields. Including one for the image.

Collection search: Search over one of a collection control's elements. This control supports all collection controls except image collection controls (gallery and carousel).


Setting up a collection

You can choose the available fields of your control by clicking the Modify Fields option.




A window appears with the list of available fields, along with check-boxes to enable or disable each field.




From this window you can also edit how each field displays in your published site. To edit a field click the edit icon to the right of its name.



The Layout option lets you customize how your controls appear.



Define how items display:

Display normal: Define how the items inside the control are organized.

Action bar position: Define where the action bar appears in the control.

Compressed for less data: If you select this option, the space between control elements gets smaller.



Define the control's layout: columns, rows, and number of items per page.

Columns: Define column settings

oLayout: Set the number of columns displayed or the width of the Relevant to me column.

Displayed items: Set the number of items per page on the control.

Multipage item view: Set how items are grouped. By default it's pagination.

Rows: Define the row setting.

oVertical item spacing: Set the distance in pixels between rows.