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Bizagi Sites is an application that lets you create multiple rich and ready-to-go sites for your stakeholders.


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These sites provide powerful and easy-to-use options to customize the end user's experience. You can design how users manage their data, create new cases and work on pending ones based on your knowledge of how users like to work. You can tailor the entire look-and-feel of your sites to respond to specific corporate requirements.




How does it work?

Through Bizagi Sites, you create any number of sites (each with as many pages as you want), that directly connect to your Bizagi project through your stakeholders.

With Sites, you can use operational data to deliver an enhanced user experience for your stakeholders, centered around your content.  


Bizagi Sites relies on the what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) paradigm to build UI, with a no-code experience. Deliver, in a smooth and agile way, a fully customized UI for any Stakeholder.

When using Bizagi Sites, you can define how each Stakeholder interacts with the data presented by the site, and then create one or more pages that include cases to work on or searches.

By relying on ready-to-use templates, you accelerate implementation and generate great contextualized, engaging and even mesmerizing graphical user experiences.


Bizagi Sites advantages

Bizagi Sites offers you these advantages:

Requires no code to build and connect.

Rapid and cost effective to implement and maintain.

Delivers data-driven, personalized and contextualized user experiences.