Signal example

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Signal example


In the next example, a signal will be sent from an Invoice payment process in order to create a case of Process payment as soon as an invoice is received and approved; the information of the Invoice Payment process must be available in the Process payment process.




When the case reaches the End Signal shape, a signal is thrown to look for another signal event (a catch signal) with the same name, in order to continue.


This shape is available in the Process Payment process, as a Signal Start. For this reason, a new Process Payment case will be created.


All the information from the process that throws the signal will still be available in the new case created, no expression is needed: the mapping of the information is automatic. You have to be careful: both processes (the throw and the catch processes) must have the same Process Entity and belong to the SAME APPLICATION within the same project.


In these processes all forms are built using the same Process Entity: Invoice.