Sharing a Smart Inbox

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Sharing a Smart Inbox


Smart Inboxes created by non-administrator users are shareable via email.



Smart Inboxes created from the admin menu cannot be shared by this option, because the administrator who creates the Inbox defines the accessibility based on roles, stakeholders, or user groups. Refer to Create a Smart Inbox as an Administrator.


This type of inbox has a hamburger menu next to their name. Click the hamburger menu and then click the Share option.




You have to provide the email of the user you want to share the Smart Inbox with.  After registering all the emails, click Share.





The user's email must be registered as an email of a user in the Work Portal. If the user's email does not exist in the environment, Bizagi displays a warning message when you click Share.




Bizagi sends an invitation to the user's email.




When the user clicks the link, it is redirected to the Work Portal. After the user logs in, Bizagi opens the configuration wizard of the Smart Inbox (like if it was a new Smart Inbox). The user must go through all the steps of the configuration wizard, and then the Smart Inbox is applied to the user's inbox.


If the email is forwarded and another Bizagi user clicks the invitation link, the Smart Inbox will also be added to the other user's Work Portal. There is no control over the number of times that the invitation email is forwarded or a Smart Inbox shared.



When the Smart Inbox is shared, it is considered independent for each user invited. That means, that each user can edit the Inbox. Changes over the configuration do not affect the Smart Inbox shared with other users.