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Trial subscription


Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services provides a central process applications repository where you can model, build, and run your processes on the Cloud. With the trial subscription, you have a group of up to five co-developers to develop a proof of concept, or fast prototyping your processes using Bizagi Studio Collaboration services for up to 30 days. At the end of the trial, you can choose to purchase an enterprise subscription or let the trial expire.


The trial subscription gives you full access to all Bizagi Studio features, so you can test on the full range of intelligent process automation using Bizagi. This section describes the structure of your subscription:


Development environment: Set of computing assets provisioned in cloud, and managed by Bizagi. In it, you can run one project Work Portal either using the cloud environment or using your own resources. The development environment requires that every developer uses Bizagi Studio desktop application with either the On-premises installer or the Pen drive edition.

The development environment provides two components to run and manage the processes you create:

oWork portal: a web-based application where your processes run according to the logic you designed. You can rely on running your processes on the cloud using the cloud environment (Run on cloud) or using your own resources (Run locally).

oManagement Console: an application featured to define environment parameters, external systems configurations, programmed jobs management, and tracing viewing. Depending on how you selected to run your processes, the Management Console may be available through the on-premises application or through a web application.




Bizagi Project: Repository of processes automated in the development environment. You can create one project and Studio Collaboration Services stores all project's metadata in your cloud environment.




Studio Collaboration Services trial roles

The following roles can be part of a trial subscription:


Project owner: This user is the creator of a project in Bizagi Studio. The project owner can invite other collaborators to the project. Any user invited to the project must be registered in the subscription account.

Developers: Users working on intelligent process automation in the project. They access the project using Bizagi Studio with either the On-premises installer or the Pen drive edition. They can create or work on any component of the project. Each Development Workstation must have Bizagi Studio either in its On Premises version or Pen Drive edition.


Studio Collaboration Services Trial Subscription

Once you acquire a trial subscription, you are entitled to use Studio Collaboration Services with the following characteristics:




The development environment will be active for 30 days. When the subscription expires, you lose access to the Work Portal of your cloud-based development environment and to other components of the environment.

You can create one project to be stored in the cloud using the trial subscription. Additional projects must be created locally in on-premises resources.

You can collaborate with a maximum of five users.

All Bizagi Studio’s features available on the cloud are active so you can test the service end-to-end.


Bizagi Studio

Bizagi Studio is the desktop application used by all the project’s developers on their intelligent process automation. Bizagi Studio synchronizes the data from the cloud repository so users can develop their applications by modeling processes, defining data models, creating forms, developing business rules, allocating work, defining integrations, and designing experiences for Stakeholders. Bizagi Studio can be used either with the On-Premises application or Pen Drive.

On-Premises Bizagi Studio: Full installation with all Bizagi Studio components. Refer to Bizagi Studio Installation.

Bizagi Studio Portable edition: You can run Bizagi Studio without having administrative rights on the PC.


Accessing your trial subscription for the first time

Once you have downloaded and installed your Bizagi Studio Desktop application, you can start your free 30-day trial by following these steps:


1. Environment set-up

In this step, the owner requests the trial subscription, creates the project and invites users/developers to both the subscription and the project.


2. Workstations set-up

Once the trial subscription has been enabled and the owner has shared the project, each user/developer needs to install Bizagi Studio (using the On-Premises or Pen Drive installer) and connect to the project created.


1. Environment set-up

To configure a trial environment, you need to previously have installed Bizagi Studio. Then follow these steps:


1.1 Request the trial subscription

Open Bizagi Studio and go the Cloud Services tab then, click Sign In in the Trial section.





The Studio Collaboration Services subscription URL for all trial subscription users is This URL is not a web application that can be accessed using a browser. This URL is only used in the configuration of Bizagi Studio.


When you request a trial subscription, you must log in using your Bizagi Account.

Only Bizagi Accounts using corporate emails are allowed in trial subscriptions. If your Bizagi Account does not use a corporate email or you don't have a Bizagi Account, you need to create one using the Create an account button:




If you try to log in with a Bizagi Account using a personal email, Bizagi displays the following message:




Once you log in, you can access the trial subscription in Bizagi Studio.


1.2 Create the project

In Bizagi Studio, create the project where the proof of concept or the quick prototyping will take place. To do so, click the New Project button.




Give to the project a name and description and click Next:




1.3 Invite users to your subscription

The next step is inviting users to your trial subscription. In the project you have created, select the Cloud Services tab and click the Subscription option located in the Share group.




Here, you can also invite other users by selecting the Invite Users tab. It is possible to add multiple emails in one invitation, register each user’s email and click the Add button.

Finally, click Invite to send the invitation to all users:





Only the owner of the trial subscription can invite users to join the subscription.


Each user receives the invitation from Check the spam folder.




When the invited user clicks Accept invitation, they need to sign in using a Bizagi Account with a corporate email. If the user does not have a Bizagi account yet, they must create one. Consider this account must not use a personal email.


1.4 Invite users to your project

When a user accepts the invitation, the user is not automatically entitled to work in the project created for the trial subscription. Before starting to work on the project, the project owner must invite each user to the project.


To invite users to the project, select the Cloud Services tab and click the Project option located in the Share group.




The drop-down list displays all users in the subscription. Select the user you want to define as a developer (Collaborator) and click Add. You can add an invitation message and then click Invite.




The project owner can remove a user from the project using the trash can icon in the collaborators tab.




At this point, you have successfully completed the environment set-up. Now each user invited to the project has to configure the access to the project.


2. Workstations set-up

When a user accepts the invitation to the trial subscription and has been added to the project, they must use Bizagi Studio to connect to the project created by the owner.


2.1 Install Bizagi Studio

The developer can use Bizagi Studio using the Pen Drive or On-Premises installer. The On-Premises edition installs the full components of Bizagi Studio and requires Administrator privileges. For more information, refer to Bizagi Studio Installation.


2.2 Connect to the Bizagi project

Open Bizagi Studio and go the Cloud Services tab then, click Sign In in the Trial section.




Log in using the Bizagi Account used to accept the invitation sent by the owner. Once you log in, select the project displayed in the Projects section.




At this point, the user has successfully connected to the project and they can start to work collaboratively in the project.


Running the Work Portal

Within the trial subscription, you can see the result of your fast prototyping or your proof of concept by running the Work portal. As in any subscription, you can use the cloud-based development environment or your own resources using the corresponding run option.


Running the project on the cloud

Clicking the Run on cloud button in the first project, implies that project becomes your cloud-based development environment.




Bizagi displays a warning message, saying that it is the first time the project runs on the cloud:




After you click Run on cloud, Bizagi will open the Work Portal. Furthermore, in the Cloud Services tab the Management Console web button appears to let you start the console where you can administer Development environments. For more information, refer to Management Console web.


Running project locally

Clicking the Run Locally button in the first project, implies that the project uses your local development environment. If you want to use local resources, consider the Bizagi Studio system requirements for On-premises installation.




Refer to Running a project for further details.


After you click Run locally and configure the local development environment, Bizagi opens the Work Portal. Furthermore, in the Cloud Services tab, the Management Console button appears to let you start the On-premises Management Console.