Running a project locally

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Running a project locally


In some scenarios, you want to develop your processes on a cloud-based Studio and test them at your local machine. To do this, you must create a local execution environment in which your Work Portal will run. To correctly provision this environment, follow the steps described in this article.


Running your Project locally

In the Home tab, Click Run locally located in the Project group. You can also find this option in the Cloud Services tab.




If this is the first time you try to run your project locally, a pop-up window appears. Click OK to create a new local development environment.




The local environment Wizard is now opened. Select a name for your database and a Server to host it. Provide the credentials for that server.





Bizagi may take some minutes to create your environment.


After the configuration is done the Work Portal is launched. From this point onwards, when you click the Run locally button, Bizagi opens the Work Portal. Furthermore, in the Cloud Services tab, the Management Console button appears to let you start the Management Console.



Keep in mind that since the Work Portal needs to synchronize with the cloud server even when running locally, all the Running Considerations apply.


Bizagi Sites Considerations

Studio Collaboration Services supports running the Sites Editor both locally and in the Cloud. Studio will open Sites in the last environment you ran your project. With this in mind, the Cloud Sites editor and the local Sites editor work in separate contexts. You can download and upload the sites you've designed between both environments.