Portal and application summary

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Portal and application summary

This article describes the portals and applications available to users in a trial subscription. Whether you are a project owner or a co-developer, you can access resources of your project:



Project owner: This user is the creator of a project in Bizagi Studio. The project owner can invite other collaborators to the project. Any user invited to the project must accept the invitation to have their account be part of the subscription.

Collaborators: Users working on intelligent process automation in the project. They can access the project using Bizagi Studio with either the On-premises installer or Pen drive edition, and can create or work on any component of the project.


Portals / Applications

Bizagi Studio: Desktop application for intelligent process automation. Bizagi Studio synchronizes the data from your cloud repository so you can to develop your applications by modeling processes, defining data models, creating forms, developing business rules, allocating work, defining integrations, and designing experience for Stakeholders. You can Open Bizagi Studio using the On-Premises or Pen Drive installer.


Management Console Web: Use Bizagi's lightweight Management Console Web to administrate environment parameters and manage tasks such as following up on scheduled jobs, setting execution traces, managing scheduler operations, starting maintenance window and reviewing connection parameters configured for integrations with external systems. The Management Console Web is available after running your project in the clod-based development environment using the button located in Cloud Services tab.


Work Portal: Bizagi provides a Work Portal where business applications your team has designed, are available to end users. In the development environment, collaborators can perform unit tests working as end users would through structured or unstructured processes, creating new cases, completing pending activities, or in general working with the data of the business applications. Always start the Work Portal with the Run button in Bizagi Studio.


Feedback portal: Bizagi offers a feedback site where users using the trial subscription can submit ideas or, questions or problems. To access this portal use this URL: http://feedback.bizagi.com/suite/en/


The following table sums up what portals or application, each role of your development environment accesses: