Studio Collaboration Services user roles and portals

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Studio Collaboration Services user roles and portals


In Studio Collaboration Services roles are distributed according to permissions: to manage the subscription; to manage the project and to define security modules and to access the projects and to collaborate within them.


Subscription Owner: user account involved in the subscription purchase process. This user manages users in the subscription. That is, the owner can invite other users to the Studio Collaboration Services subscription, from now on named collaborators.




Project owner:  this user is the creator of a project from Bizagi Studio. The project owner can invite other collaborators to the project and define the security using the security module.  Any user invited to the project must be registered in the subscription account.




Collaborators: users working on intelligent process automation in the project. They can access the project using Bizagi Studio with either the On-premises installer or Pen drive edition, and they can create or work on any component of the project, as long as they have permissions through the security module.  




Studio Collaboration Services Portals and applications


Portal / Application name



Bizagi Studio

Desktop application

Desktop application for intelligent process automation. Bizagi Studio synchronizes the data from your cloud repository and permits to develop your applications by modeling processes, define data models, create forms, develop business rules, allocate work, define integrations, and design experience for Stakeholders.


Customer Portal


The Bizagi Customer Portal is a centralized web-based application that lets you manage the users of all the services you acquire from our Bizagi cloud platform: Modeler Services, Studio Collaboration services, Automation Service, Business Insights and Artificial Intelligence.

In this secure Portal, you can easily manage permissions to access the resources of your cloud services. Once you have purchased a cloud-based Bizagi product you have access to your own Customer Portal to manage users of the given product. Every product purchase under the same subscription is added to the customer portal dashboard.

Management Console Web


The Management Console Web is a lightweight console used to administrate environment parameters and environment tasks such as following up on scheduled jobs, setting execution traces, manage scheduler operations, start maintenance window and reviewing connection parameters configured to integrated with external systems.

Work Portal

The Work Portal must be executed always from Bizagi Studio using the Run button.

The Work Portal is where the business applications that have been previously designed are presented to end users. In the development environment, collaborators can test how end users would work in structured or unstructured processes, by creating new cases, completing pending activities, or overall working with the data of the designed business applications.

Support Portal

Support site to assist customer's incidents


The following table summarizes what portals or application each role of your development environment accesses:




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